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Approximately 5,400 people die each year from lung cancer in the Czech Republic.

It's sad primacy among all tumors.

The illness is mostly diagnosed late.

Only 1 out of 8 patients live more than 5 years after diagnosis.

The patients prognosis is improving with new treatment modalities.
the only project of its kind that is mapping the patient's complex path from diagnosis

a prospective study adapting new technologies
Let´s give timely and adequate care in line with scientific knowledge to our patients!
Number of patients included in the monitoring of 9/3/2021:
3 989


ZP MV CR will support LUCAS project – complex and quality care for lung cancer patients

Health insurance company of the Ministry of Interior (ZP MV CR) signed a Memorandum with Czech pulmology and phtizeology society (CPFS), company OAKS Consulting s.r.o. (OAKS) and Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně (CzMA) on August 27, 2020 to cooperate on LUCAS project (LUng CAncer focuS).
ZP MV CR will support LUCAS project – complex and quality care for lung cancer patients

prof. Martina Vasakova, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Czech Pneumology and Phtizeology society

Lung cancer

The cause of this disease is probably multifactorial, however, approximately 85% of deaths from lung cancer are attributable to cigarette smoking.

Symptoms include persistent cough, blood coughing, repeated lung infections, weight loss, shortness of breath.

The diagnosis is made at late stages of the disease.

Therapies have expanded considerably in recent years and now include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted treatment and immunotherapy.

The tumors that can be surgically removed account only for 10-15% cases.

Targeted treatment and immunotherapy are gaining importance, as they can prolong the life by as much as few years.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death.

Czech Pneumology and Phtizeology society launched the LUCAS project od June 1, 2018.

The objective is to secure complex reimbursed care in line with guidelines and scientific knowledge.

What is a fast and accurate diagnosis?

Which tests and examinations lead us to the right decision?

How long after diagnosis is it necessary to begin treatment to reverse the prognosis?

What treatment sequences are the most effective in the given patient types?

What if someone in my family gets sick?

Can I rely on getting the best care?

What is the standard of treatment guaranteeing the longest possible quality of life?

Engaged centers

Number of patients included in the monitoring of 9/3/2021:
3 989

7 centers are currently involved in the LUCAS project:
Thomayer hospital Praha
Faculty hospital Brno
Faculty hospital Olomouc
Faculty hospital Hradec Kralove
Faculty hospital Motol Praha
Faculty hospital Plzen
Na Bulovce hospital Praha

Projekt LUCAS


  • Obtaining information on all patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer in centers and their monitoring for up to 5 years
  • Continuous data analysis, processed with a half-year periodicity
  • Publications of the results of the analyzes in professional journals
  • Evaluation of the extent and structure of care provided, treatment management, treatment sequences, overall survival and progression-free survival
  • Pharmaco-economic evaluation of lung cancer patients care over a 5-year horizon

The course of the project

The LUCAS project is a non-interventional follow-up of patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer for up to 5 years.
LUCAS is collecting comprehensive data on the diagnosis and treatment of these patients in selected pneumology centers.


ČPFS is continuously analysing data from the LUCAS project and evaluating the extent and structure of care for patients with lung cancer.
Data from the LUCAS are used for expert opinions used in administrative proceedings.


No publications available yet.


The project originated and is implemented in cooperation with OAKS Consulting, who is responsible for project management, outputs processing and who significantly supports the project financially.

Česká Pneumologická a ftizeologická společnost ČLS JEPČeská lékařská společnost Jana Evangelisty PurkyněOAKS Consulting s.r.o.

If you are interested in supporting the LUCAS project, please let us know.

LUCAS is the first and only project in the Czech Republic
providing unique comprehensive quantified data
on the patient's journey through the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer